Below are some frequently asked questions which you can check before contacting or if you need an immediate answer and cannot get in touch with me in time.

Q. Do you travel? A. I only travel for bridal parties of three or more.

Q. Where are you based? A. From home in Clydebank

Q. I’ve forgotten my appointment time? A. This is on your confirmation email along with my address and phone number (check your junk mail)

Q. Do lashes come with? A. Yes, a free pair of Primalash lashes come with each make up service

Q. How much is it for make up? A. Eyes only – £20 Full face – £30

Q. How long does it take? A. Eyes – 30-40mins Full face – 1 hour

Q. When do I need to pay my deposit? A. As soon as you book

Q. I’m going to be 15 minutes late is that okay? A. No, if you’re more than 10 minutes late you cannot be taken.

Q. Can I come 30 mins early? A. No, please arrive no more than 5 mins early as I work from my own home I cannot have crowding

Q. Can I bring someone with me? A. No, again I work from home and cannot allow crowding. Anyone brought with you will be asked to wait outside

Q. Can I come with make up on? A. No, taking off your make up eats into your appointment time and causes watery eyes

Q. How can I see when you are available? A. https://app.shedul.com/online_bookings/13996/facebook

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